about me

I’m a 30yo Dutch guy living in Hong Kong, working in (mostly digital) Marketing. Have a look at my company website: The Orange Company.

My Couch Surfing profile.

LinkedIN profile.

Currently doing full time Digital Marketing for an international health insurance company called ‘Now Health International

Other projects that are in the pipeline:

  • Bicycle tours in Taipei (Taiwan)
  • I’m building a boat with 2 mates on Lamma Island
  • Importing motorcycles from Saigon to Hong Kong (Honda SS / 67)
  • Selling Air Purifying plants in Beijing > Grow Green Air

I love to travel, I live now instead of tomorrow or yesterday. I’m a self-centered hypocrite and you could describe me as being the one that makes to many sarcastic and ironic jokes that nobody understands. Beside that, I love music somewhat like; Fats Domino, MGMT, Edith Piaf, Floggin Molly, Radiohead, Chopin, The Offspring, Simon & Garfunkel and Rancid. I try to see life from a different perspective in witch I fail over and over again. Always up for a good or really bad party and in for things that are ‘out of the ordinary’. Furthermore, I dislike people who listen to Justin Bieber and people who donate to Greenpeace. I speak some popular languages, und ein bisschen Deutsch.

I’m involved with various projects here -> Projects